Sports Betting Rules

1. Concepts and terms

1.1 The Company accepts bets from Clients based on the line — a list of events with specific winning odds.

In this regulation, terms have the following meanings:

Company / Service provider — a legal entity carrying out gambling activities in accordance with the licensing and legislative requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Client / User — an individual who has reached the age of majority and uses the products and services provided on the Website.

Line (Prematch) — a list of events and their outcomes with winning odds offered by the Company for making bets.

Bet — is a certain amount of money that the Client chooses to place on an outcome of whichever event or group of event included in the line and that cannot be refunded in case of a loss

A bets — a risk-based agreement, entered into by the Customer and the Company, on any possible winnings that can be obtained in an event an outcome occurs or not.

An Outcome — of an event is a possible result of a game / match, sporting or socially significant (or other) event that the Company sets betting odds to. You can read more about the outcomes by clicking here.

Winning odds — is the number a bet amount is multiplied by when payout is determined. Odds may be changed after a bet is placed, but only on the condition that any bets made before that remain valid and are not revised.

Winnings — money that is payable to a Client for a correctly forecasted outcome that a bet was placed on.

Company Website — is an online resource that a Customer, on completing the registration process, can use to deposit money into their account and to place bets.

Coupon — an element of the Company's website, through which the Client can bet on the outcomes of events chosen by him, set the bet amount, in accordance with the limits available for viewing in the coupon itself.

Rules — these Sports Betting Rules and Site Rules and Regulations.

2. The procedure for accepting bets.

2.1 Clients of the Company can be any persons deemed competent who have reached the age of 18 or the minimum age at which they are allowed to gamble by the legislation of the country in which they are residing. Users under the age of 18 ("the age of majority") are prohibited from using the services provided by the Service Provider on the Site.

2.2 In order to make bets on the Company's website, the Customer has to complete the registration process. The registration is done either by e-mail or by telephone number after choosing a currency and a password. In case of registration by e-mail, you will be notified of successful registration.

By registering on the Site, the Customer confirms his readiness to comply with all the clauses of the Terms and Conditions of the Site, which is legally binding.

2.3 To take advantage of various promotions in the bookmaker section of the Company's website, a Customer has to fill out the registration form, specifying their name and surname, date of birth, place of residence, email address, and telephone number, as well as other useful information provided by Terms and Conditions of the Site, for verifying their identity. All the information provided has to be true and match that in the Client's passport. If the data provided is false or inaccurate, the Company reserves the right to block the account and/or cancel all the winnings associated with this account. When a Client's account has been blocked, the Customer has to contact our support team to clarify what the issue is via e-mail address [email protected]

2.4 The client is fully responsible for keeping their password and all actions carried out using his or her account confidential. In case of a loss or disclosure of their password, Customers are required to change it or contact the support team for assistance.

2.5 Each Customer may only have one account. If a Customer is found to have more than one account, the Company reserves the right to block the account and all the winnings in it. Re-registration is only possible with permission from the Company.

2.6 If an accepted bet has been won or not is determined by a record of whether an event or some events have taken place, with the outcome (result) of the event(s) taken into account. The outcome (result) of an event is based on the information provided by its official Organizer and/or Organizers.

2.7 If the initial result of an already completed event is annulled for some reason later on, this does not have any effect on the settlements of any bets placed on it, the winnings to be paid out are based on the original (actual) results with the exception of the cases when the initial event results publicized are amended within 24 hours of their publication.

2.8 An initial (actual) outcome of an event is the result announced by its official organizer or organizers immediately after the event is over. If outcomes of an event (events) are not announced by its official organizer and/or organizers within 72 hours after it is over, the organizer(s) may use other media outlets to notify gamblers about the results and the sources from which they were obtained.

2.9 If there is conflicting information on and websites, the report in PDF format is chosen as the primary source of information. If there is no information about outcomes of any events in the aforementioned resources, the organizer(s) provide(s) the results and the information source where they were obtained.

3. Main types of betting options

3.1 A Single Bet — is a bet on a forecasted outcome for one event. A "single bet" win is equal to the product of the bet amount multiplied by the odds for the chosen outcome of the event.

3.2 Combo (Accumulator) Bet is a bet on simultaneously forecasted outcomes of several events that are independent of each other. Combo bet win is equal to the product of the bet amount and the "combo" odds, obtained by multiplying the outcome odds of all the events included in the combo bet. In a "combo bet" you can include any combination of outcomes of non-interconnected events in any sports. A "combo bet" is viewed as won if all the events included in it are correctly predicted.

Incorrectly predicting one of the outcomes means losing the entire bet of this type. The maximum allowed number of events in a combo bet is 20.

3.3 System Bet is a bet consisting of at least three events. The program forms variants of the events you choose. For example, if you choose the system 2/3, it means that at least 2 events out of 3 must win for the bet to play. The minimum amount of each bet depends on your choice of system. The maximum number of events in a system is 16.

For example: From the events in the coupon we collect all possible variants of expresses and calculate the final odds (multiply the values of the quotations):

Everton - Liverpool - 1.88

Bournemouth v Crystal Palace - 1.78

Lestrer City - Newcastle -- 2.08

- outcome 1 + outcome 2 (1.88 * 1.78) = Odds. 3.35;

- outcome 2 + outcome 3 (1.78 * 2.08) = odds. 3.70;

- outcome 1 + outcome 3 (1.88 * 2.08) = par. 3.91.

Each parlay is bet by 5 € (if the system is bet by 15 €). On the first parlay the potential winning is 16,75 € (5*3,35), on the second - 18,5 € (5*2,08), and on the third - 19,55 € (5*3,91). The payout will depend on the number of matches played:

- three winning expresses - 54.8 € (16.75 + 18.5 + 19.55);

- the outcome 1 did not play - 18.5 €;

- lost outcome 2 - 19.55 €;

- failed outcome 3 - 16.75 €;

- at two and three failed outcomes the system loses.

If the system uses variants with lower odds, it is possible that the payout will be less than what you bet. For example, you bet 15 €, and received 12 €.

4. General rules for accepting bets

4.1 Bets are accepted only from individuals who agree with the rules established by the Company. Every bet placed serves as an unequivocal confirmation that the Client understands these rules and fully agrees with them.

4.2 All bets are accepted before the actual start of an event, except in the case of live bets. Regardless of the reason, bets made after the actual start of an event are deemed invalid and refundable and are excluded from the Accumulator (payout with the odds of "1"). The exception to this is betting on events during a match in the live bets section.

4.3 Live bets — are bets that are accepted at the discretion of the Company while an event is ongoing. Bets can only be accepted before the outcome of an event is determined. Bets made after the outcome of an event is determined are deemed invalid. Information provided by the Company while live bets are accepted (match scores, time since the start of an event, etc.) is not necessarily definitive and can not be used as a basis for settling bets or for making complaints against the Company.

4.4 The Company has the right to return the full bet amount at any time before the actual start of an event. In such cases, the bet(s) made are deemed invalid, and the Company notifies its clients by appropriate changes in the pre-match section or through other information sources.

It is forbidden for individuals who are in any way involved in or directly related to events being bet on to place wagers on them. i.e. players, coaches, referees, club owners, etc. By making a bet, a Client thereby confirms that he or she does not know the outcome of an event he or she has bet on. If any of these conditions are violated, the Company has the right to withhold any winnings and declare the bet invalid.

4.5 Whenever a bet is deemed invalid, it can be refunded. If such a bet is included in an Accumulator or Multiple bet, then it has to be settled with the odds of "1" (one), i.e. this will not have any effect on the results of other events included in the Accumulator or Multiple bet.

4.6 Bets are accepted if placed on events included in the pre-match section and with the odds specified by the Company. For each event, a separate number is allocated, as well as the deadline for accepting bets for the event. The date and time marking the start of an event in the pre-match section are not definitive. A mistake in the date is not a valid reason for cancelling a bet. If an event has taken place earlier or later than originally scheduled, its outcome is not considered void. In such a case, bets placed before the actual start of the event are considered valid. Bets (except live bets) made after the event began are voided. To settle such bets, the time the event actually started is taken into account, and it is determined based on the information provided by event organizers.

The Event column ''Event'' shows the names of competing teams or events that bets can be placed on. In the event list, the home team is indicated first. If a game or match is held at a venue of the team listed second in the event list, any bets placed on it are settled with the odds of "1" (one), except for the following cases:

a) both teams are from the same town or city;

b) matches or games are held in the same town or city, in case of international tournaments — in one country;

c) the finals of a cup in a country.

Changing the location of a game or match to a neutral one is not grounds for recognizing a bet as invalid.

There can also be other information of significance for placing a bet in the pre-match section that allows a Client to correctly use the services provided, as well as to understand the meaning of designated symbols used throughout the website.

4.7 In certain tennis tournaments (not team ones) and in matches at the final stage of major competitions held in one country, the order in which opponents are listed is not important.

4.8 If an event that has not yet started is postponed for no longer than 72 hours, bets are not voided, and if it is delayed for more than 72 hours, bets can be refunded as long as all the given rules are complied with. If within 72 hours it becomes clear that an event is to be postponed for more than 72 hours, the final decision whether bets will be voided or remain valid is at the discretion of the bookmaker. If NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB matches or games are not held on the dates scheduled, all bets will be refunded on the very next day, except when the date was indicated incorrectly.

4.9 An event that has already started may be interrupted, i.e. it may not be completed for some reason. An event that is interrupted but not completed within 24 hours is considered as finished if it has lasted for no less than: 

- soccer - 65 minutes;

- NBA Basketball - 35 minutes;

- Eurobasketball - 28 minutes;

- Ice hockey – 42 minutes;

- Bandy in formats: 2х45 — 65 minutes, 2х40 — 56 minutes, 2х30 — 42 minutes;

- American football - 42 minutes;

- Baseball - 5 complete innings (periods).

In other sports, at least 70% of playing time.

In all such cases, the outcome of an event deemed as completed is the result recorded at the moment of the interruption of the event (except tennis). In all other cases, the event is viewed as not having been completed, including instances when there has been an interruption, but the score is tied in sports with rules that do not permit games or matches to end in a tie (basketball, baseball, American football, NHL hockey playoffs, etc.), and all the bets (including online bets) are then to be refunded.

If an event is interrupted and viewed as cancelled, bets (including online bets) placed on it are settled on the basis of outcomes that have been unequivocally determined by the time the event has been interrupted and that does not depend on its final result (for example, a team will not score, the first team to score, first-half results, etc.).

4.10 When setting bets that are placed on statistics of one game or match day or a round, if one or several matches of the tour are viewed as not having taken place, then any bets on overall statistics are settled with the odds of 1, except for bets on outcomes that have been unequivocally determined regardless of whether the match(es) have taken place.

For example: Suppose that in Serie A, Italy's premier football league competition, two out of ten matches in one of the legs did not take place. Five matches ended with a victory of the hosts, two matches with the victory of the guests, and one match ended with a score of 2:2.

If bets were made as follows:

a) there would be at least five wins for the hosts;

b) during the tour there would be a score of 2:2, then such bets would be viewed as won.

If bets were made as follows:

a) the guests would win at least three times;

b) the total number of goals scored during the tournament would be even, then such bets can be refunded (i.e. settled with the odds of 1).

If a bet was placed on the fact that there would not be a result of 2:2 during the tournament, then such a bet would be viewed as a losing one.

4.11 Bets (including live bets) are viewed as voided and refundable regardless of whether they are winning or losing ones, if there are any errors associated with them due to a human factor or software malfunction (including obvious typos in the pre-match section, inconsistencies in listed odds, inherently erroneous odds that do not correspond to given outcomes, etc.).

4.12 If an error that occurred can not affect the outcome of an event, such bets are settled based on the original odds. For example, if a match of the Russian Premier League Championship, CSKA — Zenit, was included in the list of games of Spain's La Liga, the bet would be settled with the initial odds unless, of course, there are teams of the same name in the Spanish league.

4.13 The Company is not responsible for accurate translations of names of players, teams, and towns/cities where events will occur. If mistakes are made, bets are considered valid.

4.14 In the event of fraudulent actions, any form of cheating when bets are accepted, or when the Company's employees uncover that illegal financial transactions have been performed, no winnings are paid out, and violators are banned from the website.

If there are clear signs of unsportsmanlike conduct or any other violation of these rules, the management has the right to declare the bet null and void.

If any suspicions about unsportsmanlike conduct arise among the staff of international organizations responsible for its prevention (EWS-FIFA, Federbet, and Tennis Integrity Unit, etc.), the management has the right to block the account of the Client who placed the bet in question before the organization deems the bet as null and void due to proven unsportsmanlike conduct. The management is not obliged to provide any proof of unsportsmanlike behaviour to Clients.

4.15 Any complaints regarding contentious issues that are not resolved via our technical support chat are accepted as long as they are sent to the Company's email address within 5 days from the date the incident in question occurred. When dealing with disputes that have no precedent and that are ungoverned by these rules, the Company will make the final decision.

4.16 The maximum possible win of a bet may not exceed 50 000 EUR or equivalent in other available website currency

4.17 Bets are accepted only from Clients who have reached the age of majority in accordance with the laws of Curacao, as well as the laws of the country of registration of the Client.

4.18 The minimum bet on the event is determined by the Bookmaker's office for each event separately and depends on the type of sport and event, and can also be individual for the Client.

4.19 The maximum bet for each separate event is determined by the Sportsbook and depends on the sport and the event in question. If an Accumulator (part of a Multiple bet) includes several events with different upper limits on the bet amount, the maximum is set equal to the lowest of the values. The maximum bet amount can be viewed by the Customer within the betslip feature of the website.

4.20 Bets made at the same time, as well as wagers that allow one to circumvent the existing maximum bet amount or payout (limits), are not permitted if placed on the same outcome by a group of persons (a single team of players, etc.). Bets cannot be placed on the same combination of outcomes of an event again if the potential combined payout exceeds the maximum allowed. The management has the right to void such bets and to block the accounts of its owners.

4.21 The Bookmaker has the right to set a maximum bet amount limit or the odds for a certain event or Customer before the bet is registered in the Company's system without providing prior notification or reason.

4.22 The bet is considered accepted after its registration in the Company's system and online confirmation in the "Bet history" section. Registered bets cannot be cancelled. The time a bet is received is viewed as the time of its registration in the system.

4.23 The bet amount can not exceed one's account balance at the time a bet is placed. Placing bets on credit is not permitted. As a bet is registered, the bet amount is debited from the corresponding Client's account. Once a bet is settled, the winnings are automatically credited to the corresponding account.

A Client's bet is considered fully won if all the outcomes it was placed on are predicted correctly.

4.24 If the beginning of the game is delayed for whatever reasons, the event can be kept open and all bets can remain open 48 hours from the official start time. Nevertheless, reserves the right to void such bets on its direction and refund the Users’ stakes back. 

All bets can remain open and be calculated due to the game results by the decision of when the organizer continues the abandoned event within 48 hours after starting time. 

In case the abandoned event does not continue with the decision of the organizer within 48 hours after its starting, - will settle all determined markets that were completed on the pitch. In addition, Realwin B.V will cancel another and refund the stakes to players. 

There are exceptions to the general rule: 

The 48 hours rule is not supported in the Tennis games. All bets are available until the referee or official representative determine the winner. Nevertheless, there are cases in which a player retires. In this situation, all markets that are determined on the court are settled accordingly and all the rest declared void and stakes returned to players. If there are any doubts about the retirement of a player before the last point is concluded, the market of the match winner is cancelled. Nevertheless, all markets that relate to the specific sets or games that are determined, are settled accordingly. 

Baseball games. 

The 48 hours rule is supported. When two teams are playing 2 games in a row they are considered as Game 1 and Game 2 and will be settled as chronologically played with all bets valid. For the avoidance of doubt, if Team A plays Team B twice, the result of Game 1 will count for bets offered on Game 1 as originally scheduled and the result of Game 2 will count for bets offered on Game 2, as originally scheduled. 

The 48 hours rule is valid:

- if a football match is abandoned in the second half, the markets of the first half will be settled normally. 

- In the example above, the markets of the second match have not decided will be void and stakes will be refunded to customers.

4.25 Intervals: The period from 00:01 until the completion of the minute indicated as the end minute is stated as the first interval. To exclude doubts, the interval 1-15 min is considered the period from 00:01 to 15:00 and the interval 30-45 min is considered the period from 30:01 until the end of the First Half accordingly. The interval 75-90 min is considered the period from 75:01 to the end of Full Time. The referee on its direction considered the last time interval from the minute indicated until the end of the period.

5. Main types of bets

5.1 Bets on actual results of an event (a Match) — with this particular bet one needs to predict how the match will end. In the pre-match section, the hosts' victory can also be displayed as "1", a Draw as "X", and the victory of the guests as "2".

5.2 Double chance — a bet on two possible outcomes of the match:

The victory of the first team or a draw (the first team will not lose) — is denoted by 1X. To win a bet on such a choice, the first team either needs to win or there ought to be a draw.

The victory of the first team or the victory of the second team (no draw) — is denoted by "12". To win a bet on such a choice, one of the rivals must win, i.e. there is no draw.

The victory of the second team or a draw (the second team will not lose) — is denoted by "X2". To win a bet on such a choice, the second team either needs to win or there ought to be a draw.

5.3 Handicap:

The outcome of an event, with a handicap taken into account, is determined by adding the handicap to the actual result of the match. Handicaps are determined by the bookmaker and may be positive, negative, or equal to zero. If the result is in favor of the selected team (sportsperson), the bet is considered won, otherwise, the bet is viewed as lost. If the result after adding a handicap is — a draw, then the odds for such a selection will be "1" (a Refund or Expenditure).

5.4 Total:

One needs to predict the total number of goals, points, games (or other values that can be computed) scored, won, played respectively, etc. by teams (sportspeople). To win, one needs to guess whether the total number of goals, points, games scored, won, played, etc. will be higher or lower than that specified in the pre-match section. When determining an individual total, only the goals scored against the opponent are taken into account. If the result matches the total proposed by the bookmaker, the odds of wins from bets placed on "lower" or "higher" totals are set at "1" (Refund or Expenditure).

5.5 Asian handicap or Asian total betting:

Bet on a win or total, taking into account the handicap, which is a multiple of 0.25 (but not a multiple of 0.5). Such a bet is settled as two bets amounting to half its value with identical odds, and with the nearest ordinary handicap values and ordinary totals (whole numbers or multiples of 0.5) taken into account. If a bet with an Asian handicap is included in an Accumulator or Multiple bet, it is settled using the winning odds that a single bet would be. If both half bets win, they are settled with the odds. If one-half bet wins, but the other is to be refunded, it is settled with the odds (odds + 1) / 2. If the one-half bet is lost but the other is to be refunded, it is settled using the odds of 0.5. If both half bets lose, then the entire bet is viewed as having been lost.

5.6 A bet on outcomes within the time remaining in a half/period/match: in such wagers, a Customer has to predict the results within a certain period of time, which starts when the bet is placed and ends when the match (or half, period, etc.) finishes without taking into account the score at the time it was placed.

5.7 The company may, at its discretion, offer additional betting options.

5.8 There may be bets on offer to predict the outcomes of two or more events:

Example 1: the first team wins and the total is over 2.5 goals.

Example 2: the first team wins, the number of warnings (yellow cards) will be more than 3.5 and the number of corner kicks — fewer than 10, etc.

Example 3: the first team will kick-off the football match, the first goal will be scored by the second team and the match will end in a draw.

1) A bet is considered won if the outcomes of all included events were predicted correctly.

2) A bet is considered lost if one of the outcomes of the events included was not predicted correctly.

3) The bet amount will be refunded if the money wagered on at least one of the outcomes of events included is to be returned, and other outcomes are considered won. Let us consider the following:

For example, the 1st match was interrupted when the score was 2:1 at the 15th minute and it was not continued (the match is viewed as not having taken place);

For example, the 2nd match ended with a score of 1:0, the number of warnings (yellow cards) — 5, and the number of corner kicks — 10.

5.9 If, following tournament rules, a match ends in a draw and such an outcome was not included in the pre-match section, all bets on the win in the match shall be refunded. All other bets shall be settled based on the match results.

5.10 Bets on the time when a certain event will take place.

For example, when the first corner kick, first goal, etc. will take place. Seconds are not taken into account in the settlement of such bets on time. For instance, if the first goal was scored at 10 min. 07 sec. or 10 min. 59 sec., it is recorded to have taken place in the 11th min., hence the 12th min starts at 11 min. 00 sec.

6 Sources

6.1. Valid (factual) results considered to be the results, which are announced on the basis of official protocols or other sources of information, right after the end of the event. The organizer uses the following official sources:

6.2. The organizer can use other official sources when there is need. In exceptional cases, the organizer reserves the right to use video viewing to judge the true result.


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